Representing Real Estate Owners

LePatner & Associates LLP was founded and is led by industry thought leader, Barry LePatner. Our comprehensive grasp of the design and construction process enables us to help clients at any stage of their project.

Strategic Planning
Whether an experienced property developer or a first-timer, we tailor our services to guide our clients through the complex project development process. We constantly monitor trends and changes in industry laws, regulations and codes, and provide thorough analysis and insight into important legal decisions affecting each project. We’re often asked to participate in strategic planning to anticipate and mitigate project risks, ensure that the client’s business interests are aligned with the project objectives, and maximize their ROI. We help clients identify and assemble detailed insurance programs to manage risk, and we will represent the client in negotiations with neighbors, community boards, and governmental jurisdictions to help them gain approval for the project. Based on these parameters, we can advise the client on the cost effective design and construction strategies best suited to achieve the client’s goals.

Due Diligence
We know and have worked with hundreds of design and construction professionals. We are an excellent resource for identifying and forming large project teams. LePatner carefully qualifies and evaluates prospective design and construction team members to help the client select its project team.

Design & Construction Contracts
LePatner has pioneered a different approach to the industry’s ineffective standardized form agreements, which we believe ignore the dangers of fast-track GMP construction. Our specially crafted C³ Agreements have evolved from decades of experience providing comprehensive protections to our owner clients. In them, we fully define and coordinate team responsibilities and obligations, including completion and certification of complete and coordinated construction documents for bidding. They equitably allocate project risks between all parties in order to obtain a true, fixed-price contract. These agreements ensure that our clients avoid unwarranted cost overruns and delays, which would increase their project cost.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation
Our experience shows that disputes can be minimized and claims quickly identified and resolved without costly, time-consuming litigation. Where litigation is unavoidable, we’ll craft a creative legal strategy tied to the client’s objectives, and execute it with the support from a wide network of expert witnesses and industry resources. We place an emphasis on early analysis of a claim to determine the quickest and fairest resolution. LePatner has handled major legal issues for corporate and institutional owners and real estate investors across the nation.


LePatner conducts business with a high level of professionalism, treating us with the utmost respect.
Raul Alonso, former Director, Instituto Cervantes