LePatner C³

Traditional construction models frequently hide true construction costs from the owner, force architects and engineers to rush their work, and allow contractors to bid low to win the job and profit significantly through change orders and claims. In the end, no one wins and inefficiency runs rampant. But when contractors have a fixed price, they are incentivized to complete work on time and on budget.

LePatner C³™ is the comprehensive, integrated approach created by LePatner Associates LLP and LePatner Project Solutions to save owners millions of dollars on major construction and development projects. The one-of-a-kind methodology combines unparalleled diligence, risk management, effective legal documents, and intensive project management best practices to control costs and deliver projects on time and on budget.

LePatner C³™ puts owners back in control of the building process by establishing two fundamental principles:

  • Owners shall be entitled to execute a true complete-price construction contract.
  • Owners shall be entitled to a transparent construction process

When using LePatner C³, owners benefit from detailed project management tools backed by powerful contracts. As a result, projects are completed for a true complete price without the unexpected and unwarranted cost overruns that plague nearly all construction projects.


A Smarter Way to Build: The Key Components of LePatner C³

C³ Blueprint - The Project Management Plan:
The C3 Blueprint details the tasks, responsibilities for each member of the project team.

C³ Agreements - The Design and Construction Contracts:.
³ Agreements establish conditions that minimize the chances of cost overruns and other risks.

C³ Project Forms - Workflow Compliance:
These forms provide a standardized way to ensure that all agreement terms and provisions are properly followed.

Risk Allocation Workshop:
This meeting serves to identify, equitably assign, and quantify  potential "unforeseen" risks and conditions that could arise during a project.


Why LePatner C³ is the Smart Choice

Americas construction industry is broken.

Its inefficiency regularly drives up construction costs for project owners by 20 to 30 percent or more. Banking on owner inexperience, contractors have held total control over project budgets and schedules for too long. Our proprietary LePatner C³ methodology returns control to owners.

Here are four reasons C³ is the right choice for your next project:

  1. Owners gain access to state-of-the-art contracts that protect against unwarranted and costly claims and delays. Traditional form agreements typically put the interests of contractors and design professionals ahead of those of owners. LePatner C³ Agreements protect owners against overruns. Contracts are tailored for each client and project to ensure construction cost certainty.
  2. Owners minimize conflict between the design and construction teams. LePatner C³™ ensures transparency, cooperation, collaboration, and trust. At the outset of a project, the full team—architects and engineers, consultants, and construction managers—develop complete and coordinate construction documents for contractor bidding. These negotiations minimize conflict and allow builders to focus on providing a TruFixed-Price™ bid and completing projects on time and on budget.
  3. Owners avoid “fast track” broken promises. “Fast-tracking” projects virtually invites contractors to low bid on projects, knowing jobs will inevitably result in costly changes to the contract. These changes become the contractor’s anticipated “profit”—and come out of the owner’s pocket. “Fast-track” projects also trigger delays caused by change orders, preventing projects from being completed any sooner than if they had begun with completed documents.
  4. Owners get an advocate who “has their back” throughout the process. Few owner representatives can anticipate issues, risks, and costs the way LePatner C³™ does. It details the hundreds, if not thousands, of steps and moving parts that require coordination in a complex construction project. Owners need not navigate the building process on their own. Most importantly, owners will know - for the first time - the true project cost before contractors submit their proposals.

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