Managing Project Risk and Regaining Control Evaluate and Plan

  • Align facility requirements with business plans
  • Lease analyses
  • Land or building pre-purchase property condition assessments
  • Acquisition/disposition strategies
  • Define financial parameters
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Develop a project cost accounting structure consistent with client policies and procedures


Assemble the Right Team

  • Pre-qualify and select project team through an RFP and interview process
  • Prepare true Complete Price Agreements coordinated between all team members
  • Review and recommend insurance coverage
  • Define the sign-off decision-making process
  • Establish project communication procedures
  • Organize the project kick-off meeting


Conduct a Project-specific Risk Analysis

  • Review and recommend insurance requirements for owner,¬†professionals, and contractors and bonding coverage as needed
  • Review cost reports and analyze deviations from the project budget
  • Evaluate the financial implications of delays, project acceleration¬†or disruption  and recommend corrective action
  • Regularly review project schedules to foresee potential impacts on completion or client operations
  • Develop claim-avoidance strategies


Maximize ROI

  • Sustainability and energy-efficiency retrofits and audits
  • Evaluate facilities/space utilization
  • Property/building condition assessments
  • Lease analyses
  • Occupancy cost reduction
  • Leasability enhancement
  • Tenant retention strategies


Getting the Project Built

  • Recommend and implement cost-control systems, change review and owner approval process
  • Verify that project team members have procured the required insurance
  • Regularly review project documents for conformance to client’s function and financial goals
  • Maintain team’s focus on client’s business goals and objectives
  • Review the project milestone schedule for potential impacts on client operations
  • Identify potential impediments to timely completion — and recommend corrective action
  • Evaluate the financial implications of delays, project acceleration or disruption
  • Identify deviations from the original budget — and recommend corrective action
  • Assist with value engineering and recommend cost effective alternatives


Anticipate the Pitfalls

  • Review of lease/purchase documents
  • Develop project budget, including identifying of all relevant cost categories and benchmark project costs
  • Ensure proper communication flow between the client and the project team
  • Ensure a proper decision-making process between the client and the project team
  • Oversee timely procurement of government approvals and permits
  • Conduct constructability reviews of project team documents


Close-out the Project Quickly

  • Prepare a final cost summary and overall budget reconciliation in advance of owner’s final payments
  • Ensure delivery of final lien waivers, as-built drawings, guarantees, warranties, sign-offs and manuals prior to final payments and release of any retainage
  • Oversee and coordinate commissioning activities, client move-in and turnover to ensure a seamless transition to occupancy
  • Oversee submission to USGBC for LEED certification
  • Prepare and manage post-occupancy user surveys


Resolve Disputes

  • Manage the project rescue and completion process in the event of contractor terminations or defaults
  • Prepare and analyze claims
  • Resolve additional service claims
  • Investigate and prepare warranty and defective work claims
  • Manage insurance, bonding and surety claims
  • Dispute resolution: Mediation, arbitration, or litigation support