Corporate Construction Counsel

LePatner’s unique grasp of the construction industry allows our firm to help clients anticipate and mitigate both common and uncommon risks faced during construction. LePatner establishes strategies unique to each client’s needs and drafts design and construction contracts that are recognized for their ability to fairly allocate project risks between the parties. These contracts can eliminate the unwarranted cost overruns and missed deadlines that routinely plague construction projects of all sizes. We constantly monitor trends and changes in industry laws, regulations and codes, and provide thorough analysis and insight into important legal decisions affecting each project.

The firm’s primary construction law services include:

Due Diligence

LePatner carefully evaluates prospective design and construction team members, prepares RFPs to solicit proposals, and helps the client select its project team. LePatner advises the client on design and construction strategies and methodologies best suited to achieve the client’s goals.

Design & Construction Contracts

Owners in today’s economic environment must no longer rely on standardized form agreements for the project team. LePatner’s specially crafted C3 Agreements fully define and coordinate team responsibilities and obligations, including completion and certification of complete and coordinated construction documents for bidding. LePatner agreements equitably allocate project risks between the owner, design professionals and contractors in order to obtain a true, fixed-price contract. These contracts ensure that clients avoid unwarranted cost overruns and delays which would increase project cost. LePatner has pioneered this approach, and clients find it provides them for the first time with a critical advantage in the construction process.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

LePatner is highly experienced in dispute resolution techniques, including mediation, arbitration and complex litigation. With LePatner, disputes can be minimized and claims quickly identified and resolved without costly, time-consuming litigation. Where litigation is unavoidable, creative legal strategy is crafted for each matter, drawing support from a wide network of expert witnesses and industry resources. We place an emphasis on early analysis of a claim to determine the quickest and fairest resolution. LePatner creates customized, multi-media presentations that effectively make the client’s case in the most persuasive way possible.The firm has handled major legal issues for corporate and institutional owners and real estate investors across the nation.