Construction Investigations

The integrity of those involved in a construction, development and investment projects is crucial to ensure a level playing field between the owners, professionals, contractors, partners, investors and financial institutions. While many participants in the construction and real estate industry are honest and deliver services on a good faith basis, others seek to take advantage of deep-pocketed or inexperienced owners using fraud, deception, intentional omission, corruption and other schemes and devices.

Proactively identifying and assessing the mine field of risk for a given project and establishing its “known unknowns” is essential. Investigating the background and qualifications of those involved in a construction project, monitoring their activities on the project, and front running financial issues with forensic examiners can often be the critical difference between a project that is delivered on time and on budget and one that is not. Once problems arise, aggressive investigation of the causes and extent of those problems is essential to ensure that justice is done for the aggrieved party.

LePatner is affiliated with Proactive Integrity Associates, LLC (PIA), a full-service licensed, private investigative, risk management and consulting firm that supplements LePatner’s construction law and project services expertise. PIA provides services for, among others, corporate, not-for-profit, institutional and individual owners, public agencies, developers and investors, owner representatives, and construction industry clients.

PIA’s construction-related investigative services include, but are not limited to:

  • Anti-Corruption Programs and Investigations
  • Integrity Monitoring & Independent Private Sector Inspector General
  • Due Diligence on Contractors, Subcontractors and Competitors
  • Construction Contract Consulting and Strategic Planning
  • Cost Overrun and Additional Claims Examinations
  • Inappropriate Vendor or Government Relations
  • Wage and Hour Fraud
  • Litigation Support Services

Construction Investigations