City Infrastructure Needs Federal Help

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Last week, Barry LePatner was honored to be asked to speak at Real Estate Expo New York’s forum on transportation issues. The distinguished panel included former Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward, Noah Burdick, deputy director of Transportation Alternatives, and Seth Pinsky, president of the New York City Economic Development Council. The topic of discussion was “New York: Who’s Driving This Train?” and allowed for a wide range of discussions on the capital investment New York City has and continues to make in transportation projects, the limitations that our city, state and federal budgets are having on future capital projects and the choices that need to be made to keep the whole city moving without disruption.

Seth Pinsky pointedly noted that “there is a national mindset that it’s possible to get something for nothing, and there is a lack of federal support for New York, despite the city’s infrastructure generating returns for the whole nation.” “We are one of the great economic engines of the entire nation,” said Pinsky, adding that without help from the federal government in maintaining the city’s infrastructure, “we’re going to be at best treading water.”

LePatner pointed out that both the Bloomberg and Giuliani administrations had spent several billions of dollars making NYC bridges among the safest in the nation. However work remains on major roads and bridges in and around the metropolitan area including the Tappan Zee and Goethals Bridges. Question still remains if we will find funding to complete the much-needed 2nd Avenue Subway project.

This linked article entitled City Infrastructure Needs Federal Help: Experts, NYC Infrastructure Needs Billions for Upgrades by Zach Steiber in The Epoch Times, provides an excellent discussion of how critical our transportation assets are to the future commercial engine that is the City of New York.

City Infrastructure Needs Federal Help