C³ model

LePatner C³™ services include providing project management, consulting, and legal services to real estate owners, developers and investors undertaking complex design, development, and construction projects.

Building on Barry B. LePatner’s final chapter of Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets, the LePatner C³ model instructs owners how to regain control of their projects and rebalance their relationship with the contractor by obtaining, for the first time, true complete-price contracts with those building their projects. LePatner C³ reforms hinge on two fundamental principles:

  • A true complete-price construction contract based upon fully complete and coordinated construction documents prepared by the design team for contractor bidding before the construction contract is signed; and
  • A transparent construction process made possible by the oversight of a reliable owner’s intermediary with extensive experience in construction and estimating, who restores balance to the typical asymmetric owner-contractor relationship.

LePatner C³ was created for corporate and institutional owners, developers, and real estate investors who must complete their project on time and on budget. LePatner C³ is a complete project process from start to finish that can be utilized for any capital project. Using LePatner C³, owners for the first time will benefit from detailed project management tools backed by powerful contracts that provide strong assurances that projects can be completed for a true complete price without the unexpected and unwarranted cost overruns that plague nearly all construction projects.

The LePatner C³ model is comprised of three interrelated and seamless components:

1. LePatner C³ blueprint. This is a dynamic task outline and overall project schedule, customized for each project. It describes in detail the tasks, responsibilities, and step-by-step undertakings required by project team members during each phase of the project and more importantly, depicts the interrelationships, dependencies and coordination required between them to successfully complete the project.

2. LePatner C³ agreements. These design and construction contracts depart markedly from industry-standard form agreements by establishing the terms and conditions needed to avoid unwarranted cost overruns and fairly allocate project risks to the appropriate party. The primary project agreements are between:

- owner and construction manager/contractor/vendors

- owner and pre-construction consultant

- owner and architect/engineer/ and other design service providers

- construction manager/general contractor and subcontractor

While applicable to any size project, these agreements anticipate the challenges and special requirements of complex projects costing $25 million or more. But the LePatner C³ agreements can be customized as needed to address the unique needs of smaller projects.

3. LePatner C³ project forms. These forms are derived from the LePatner C³ agreements and are intended to be used by the owner and its design and construction team to properly manage the project and ensure that the LePatner C³ agreement provisions are complied with.

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C³ model